Doha, Qatar

Yanni’s “World Without Borders” tour was the first ever concert event to be held in Qatar’s history and his performance opened the QNCC venue. The challenges that were faced by Yanni, his orchestra, crew and promoter were immense; however, well worth the months of preparation for the show. Yanni’s team helped teach Qatar how to pull off a successful world class event and all were thrilled with the outcome. 
The audience was entranced and seemed to soak in every moment. By the very first note, they were clapping and shouting with approval. 
After the show, Yanni met a Sudanese fan who traveled all the way to Qatar in hopes of meeting Yanni. He touched Yanni’s heart deeply when he shared: 

“This gift of food is from Africa, to save your health. You are very important for all of the people in the world and need to stay healthy. We listen to your music everyday. Because, if we need sense, you give us sense. If we need power, you give us power, when we are in pain, you heal us. Thank you so much Yanni. I changed my email to say 2014 so every time I sent an email I would focus on meeting you before 2014. Now, I DID IT!” 

We had an incredible time in Qatar. The people are warm and welcoming and the city of Doha is absolutely beautiful and expanding like crazy. We can only imagine what it will be like when we return. 
Qatar has a special place in Yanni’s heart.