Yanni receives a gift of a Cedar Tree - Lebanon

Yanni had made a promise last year before thousands of fans: “Lebanon is a piece of heaven on earth, and we will be returning next year” – And he did! Thousands of passionate fans enjoyed the memorable concert and didn´t want it to end. It was an incredible night under the stars and is a night none of us will forget. 

Once again Yanni had the chance to meet many members of the International Affiliate in Lebanon and they presented Yanni with a very special gift: A sacred Cedar tree. The gift of a cedar tree is the symbol of Lebanon and was planted in the Shouf Cedar Reserve-Barouk Forest and was given the name of “Yanni.”

The cedar tree is a symbol of love, gratitude & thankfulness, it is an investment in the future of the beautiful country of Lebanon and will remain there for centuries to come.