Yanni Visits Nazareth

Yanni was able to visit their city June 6th, 2014 and was welcomed with open arms by the wonderful people there.

Yanni walked the streets, spoke with the people, took pictures with the fans and had the chance to visit some of the most beautiful places including Mount Precipice, the Church of the Annunciation, the White Mosque, and the Old Market. 











Yanni received a beautiful present from the Mayor of Nazareth. A handcrafted plate on behalf of the people celebrating his visit. 

Music was also part of the tour. Yanni met some of the musicians and enjoyed the amazing sound that came from their local instruments.

Thank you to Nazareth for your incredible hospitality and warmth! You have touched our hearts.

Watch the invitation video HERE

Video of Yanni visit :coming soon

Thank you, Mr. Yamen Rock and InTaj Productions for the hospitality and beautiful footage.