Santorini The Panda

In October 2011, global music artist Yanni was honored by the people of China with the adoption of a two-month old giant panda cub.

Adopting a panda is an honor that is reserved almost exclusively for nations, not personalities or individuals, and Yanni is the first artist to ever be honored with this gift. The Chengdu Panda Research base offered this gift to Yanni because they feel that the essence of Yanni's music is harmonious with the nature of the panda.

After careful consideration, Yanni affectionately named her "Santorini." Within the name is the word "Irini," which means "peace" in Greek. Santorini is also one of the most beautiful islands in Yanni's native Greece - appropriately naming her, "the beautiful panda of peace." Santorini is also one of Yanni's most well known compositions.

The experience moved Yanni deeply and has led him to collaborate with World Wildlife Fund to elevate awareness and increase support for giant panda protection.

The giant panda is an endangered species.

We are thrilled to share that since Yanni’s adoption of Santorini, the Giant Panda, your support and contributions went directly to drawing attention and awareness to Giant Panda protection. In just a decade, the Giant Panda population has grown nearly 17 percent! Effectively taking the Giant Panda off of the endangered species list. They still need our help, but because of people like you, they have already experienced a difference. Thank you for your support!

Join Yanni and WWF in helping to save this inspirational, vulnerable species.*

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Adopt A Panda

"As the logo of WWF for more than 50 years, the giant panda has inspired millions to join the fight to save all the magnificent species that share our planet," said Carter Roberts, President and CEO of WWF." Joining together with Yanni, we will tell the story of giant pandas, build support for their protection, and mobilize people to conserve nature around the world."

*Between April 2012 - April 2013, Yanni has guaranteed $50,000 in donations, the equivalent of 1,000 “Santorini” symbolic panda adoptions, to support WWF’s panda conservation efforts. All donations received exceeding $50,000 will support WWF’s conservation efforts to protect wildlife and their habitats around the world. World Wildlife Fund ® WWF Registered Trademark. Panda Symbol ©1986 WWF.