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Yanni’s Orchestra Members

Yanni’s orchestra is a truly unique collection of musicians. Yanni has hand picked each member of his orchestra and has been in search for the world’s top performers to bring you what you see today. He refers to them as the “United Nations” as they come from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences from all over the world. Yanni brings you on a musical journey that only this group of musicians can attempt. The talents from each member surpass the imaginable, and they are all brought to you on one stage under the guidance of a true modern day orchestrator.

Charlie Adams

Drummer, Illinois, USA

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From the USA, Charlie has been with Yanni from the beginning performing on drums in rock bands when they were kids. Charlie’s energy, stage performance and stamina gets every audience on their feet all around the world.

Benedikt Brydern

Violin, Munich, Germany

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From Germany, Benedikt has a background in jazz violin and brings his unique style to Yanni’s music. He has been touring with the Yanni orchestra for 4 years.

Jason Carder

Trumpet, Arizona, USA

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From the USA, Jason has shared his talents as a professor of jazz trumpet at the University of Miami. He has toured with Yanni for 4 years and uses his flugelhorn to reach unimaginable notes.

Yoel Del Sol

Percussion, Cuba

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From Cuba, Yoel has been Yanni’s leading percussionist for 4 years performing the congas like no other. He brings an energy and latin flair to stage.

Lindsay Deutsch

Violin, California, USA

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With her limitless enthusiasm and vast gifts as a performer and entertainer, American violinist, Lindsay Deutsch, has emerged as a charismatic and captivating presence on today’s music scene. Lindsay has become a much sought-after soloist and entertainer and is presently touring as solo violinist with Yanni - just returning from Saudi Arabia.

Ming Freeman

Keyboards, Taiwan

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From Taiwan, Ming has been with Yanni for almost two decades touring as the lead keyboardist. Ming’s solos feature his true talents and showcases just how fast and rhythmic he can be on the keyboards.

Lauren Jelencovich

Vocalist, Florida, USA

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From the USA, Lauren is classically trained at the Manhattan School of Music and has a voice capable of effortlessly hitting notes that no other singer would attempt. Lauren has been with the tour for the past 2 years.

Lisa Lavie

Vocalist, Montreal, Canada

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From Canada, Lisa’s powerful voice takes on some of Yanni’s most difficult compositions. As singer and songwriter, she brings energy and emotion to the stage. Lisa has been with the tour for the past 2 years.

James Mattos

French Horn, California, USA

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From the USA, James has been performing on his French Horn for over 18 years with Yanni’s orchestra. He maintains the warm, rich undertones throughout the concert events.

Sarah O’Brien

Cello, Nottingham, England

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From England, Sarah has toured all over the world with Yanni. Trained on cello in London’s Guildhall School of Music, she has been seen on the stage with Yanni at every major concert event.

Mary Simpson

Violin, Virginia, USA

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From the USA of Chinese decent, Mary plays her “fiddle” bringing a warmth and richness with a bluegrass edge – her style and her smile capture the hearts of every audience. Mary has been touring with Yanni for the past 2 years.

Dana Teboe

Trombone, Florida, USA

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From the USA, Dana is a widely recognized trombone player who has impeccable tone, accuracy and energy. Dana has been performing with Yanni for 8 years.

Gabriel Vivas

Bass, Caracas, Venezuela

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From Venezuela, Gabriel brings a new life to the bass performing runs and scales rarely seen. Gabriel has been with Yanni since 2008 and remains a top performer.

Samvel Yervinyan

Violin, Yerevan, Armenia

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From Armenia, Samvel has been widely recognized as one of the world’s premier violinists and has been a star performer among Yanni's orchestra for the past decade.

Alexander Zhiroff

Cello, Moscow, Russia

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From Russia, “Sacha” has been touring with Yanni for almost 17 years performing at all the major concert events around the world with his cello. Sacha performs with a unique style and incredible talent.